On Android and iOS, change your Spotify profile photo

How to Change Your Spotify Profile Photo – Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming services. Simple and basic design sets this music player apart.

Spotify settings are fairly similar to those of other online social media like YouTube and WhatsApp. You may also add a profile picture, a username, and song lyrics. This post will show you how to alter your Facebook profile photo.

How to Change Spotify Profile Picture on Android and iOS

On Android and iOS, change your Spotify profile photo
On Android and iOS, change your Spotify profile photo
  • The steps are the same for Android and iOS.
  • Open the Spotify app on your phone.
  • Then select Settings in the upper right corner.
  • Then you'll see your Facebook name and photograph. Click on your username to get to your profile.
  • Go to Edit Profile and choose a new profile image.
  • It's as simple as altering your profile photo. Click Change Photo to switch images.
  • Then a pop-up window with image-changing choices will appear. The user may either select an image from the gallery or take a photo using the phone's camera. It's entirely up to you, so pick your favorite. In this situation, I'll pick a photo. Images in JPG and PNG are popular.
  • Then you'll be prompted to choose a profile photo for Spotify. If so, choose Use Images.
  • Then click Save.
  • Look at your Spotify profile picture now.
  • He's here.

So now you know how to update Spotify profile photo on Android and iOS, right? That's how Android and iOS work.

Changing profile images on social media is pretty similar to this process. I hope this instruction is easy to follow. As a consequence, I hope you found this post informative. Remember to come back!

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